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Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy.  The Japanese definition for Reiki is "universal, transcendental spirit, mysterious power, essence".  Ki is "vital life force energy", very similar to the Chi of Chinese acupuncture or Prana of Ayruvedic origin.  A Reiki treatment is pleasant, soothing, relaxing and centering.  Since we all have our own ways of being unbalanced, the benefits of Reiki are different for people at different times.  Most people usually unbalanced in the direction of stress experience Reiki as stress reducing.  Commonly reported benefits are improved sleep, digestion, mental clarity, pain and anxiety management and overall well being.  Reiki is safe to use with other treatments such as chemo, surgery, detoxification, etc.  Clients should wear comfortable clothing for their session.  

Therapist: SanDee Winn
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